“Will My Artificial Grass Look Too Fake?”

Here at CLS, we know that artificial grass isn’t for everyone, and some customers might be put off by the idea that it might look too fake to have in their garden. This could be because you’ve seen cheaper samples displayed in stores, or the first thing you think of is astroturf for football pitches.

Below, we’re going to highlight how we were able to help put one customer’s mind at ease, by helping them choose the most realistic, award-winning artificial grass for their garden.

The problem

One of our customers recently contacted us with a query regarding our product, Easigrass. They hadn’t seen our range before, but were concerned that it they opted for synthetic grass, it would look really fake in their garden.

Their description of it over the phone was much akin to the cheap-looking stuff you can find on football pitches. However, they were in desperate need of a solution, as they suffered from bad drainage in their garden, and it was a constant mud pit, rendering it unusable for the whole family.

It was a new-build home, and drainage issues can sometimes be a problem with garden areas that are made up of a lot of clay and site debris, which in this case ultimately meant the garden failed to drain correctly.

The customer also had two young children, and a swing set that had to sit on the patio as it kept sinking into the grass. This meant the children didn’t have a safe area to play, as the risk of injury was heightened due to the hardness of the patio.

The family were looking for an all year round low-maintenance garden, and artificial grass was an option – however, the last thing they wanted was for it to look cheap and fake. There was also the risk of their garden getting worse (and more costly to rectify) if they took no action at all.

The solution

The customer contacted us directly, as they saw our van in the area and saw we specialised in artificial grass. They hadn’t yet seen our product, but they thought we were probably the best place to get some advice.

When they called us, we explained that artificial grass has come a long way, and is now more realistic than it has ever been, due to huge advancements in the past five years. The artificial grass manufacturing process has become far more refined, producing quality products that are virtually indistinguishable from real grass.

We then went on to talk about Easigrass, and explained we have seven different grass ranges to choose from. This would allow them to choose a grass that they felt was most suited to their needs.

We arranged an on-site survey to show them the grass ranges in-person, and measure up their garden so we could give them a fixed price quote. We even brought in larger samples than usual, so the customer could lay them down and walk over them to get a good idea of what to expect.

We also took them through out portfolio book which contains our before-and-after images, and directed them to our website and social media sites, so they could see previous jobs we’d carried out, and read customer testimonials to help make them feel confident in their decision.

The results

The customer was astounded by how realistic Easigrass was, and couldn’t believe how many choices were available for their garden. They chose our product because of the way it looked, the thickness of the piles, and the different colours through the grass that made it more realistic.

Our Easigrass installation has had an amazing effect on our customer and their family’s lifestyle; it has given them back their garden, and has helped to encourage the children to enjoy the outdoors a lot more, without the worry of getting dirty or hurting themselves.

The family can now have parties and enjoy entertaining guests, as they’re no longer embarrassed about the way their back garden looks. They have the full use of their back garden space, and artificial grass has helped combat their drainage issues, thanks to the drainage layer installed below the grass.

TIP: Artificial grass is a great solution to drainage issues, as we do a full excavation of the existing surface and build up a new sub-base, which is completely porous. The artificial grass we use is perforated, so any excess water simply seeps through the sub-base and into the soil underneath.

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