Are you curious about whether finance deals are an option when buying artificial grass?

I’ll make no bones about it; artificial grass IS a big investment for most homeowners. Most of our customers already come to us with that in mind, and with the knowledge that their new lawn will last them a good 15 – 20 years as a result.

However, this is where finance could come in handy, as it could allow more people to afford their dream garden on a monthly basis.

As an experienced artificial grass installer, let me tell you more about finance deals and how to find them, below.

Can you get finance deals on artificial grass?

The good news is that yes; you can! It’s something quite a few artificial grass specialists (or installers) now offer their customers, and do quite well from it. Especially for younger couples who have other commitments, such as a new house, a wedding, or children. People who own new builds are also going down the finance route.

Unfortunately this isn’t something we offer just yet, but because of everything I’ve mentioned above, this is something we’re considering in the next year or so. We feel that by opening it up to a wider audience, we can make artificial grass a viable option for more households – which can only be a good thing!

Alternatively, we’ve also had some customers pay for their fake grass on a credit card, or via a loan from the bank. ¬†Both are realistic options, although just be wary of the interest rates!

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Advice from an experienced installer

Looking for a good finance deal for your artificial grass? Contact the fake grass installer of your choice, and they should be able to advice on payment options available. You can find a lot of information on Google, and by looking up the companies.

Social media is another good avenue to check out, as companies usually share posts about this. Facebook is a good example, as fake grass is so visual that it tends to get a good response, and plenty of interest on there.

However, just be sure your artificial grass installer is reputable, will offer you a good guarantee, and will listen to your needs. Look up online reviews and testimonials, and trust your gut. It’s not all about the money! At the end of the day, you’re also going to want a beautiful lawn that will truly last the distance.

We’ve had customers in the past who have asked if finance is something we offer. I wouldn’t say we’ve lost any jobs due to this, but we do feel customers may choose to get more done, and finally get the garden they really want, if finance was an option.


Looking for a finance deal on artificial grass? There are plenty of artificial grass specialists who offer this. Just ensure you choose a reputable artificial grass specialist who will talk you through all of your options, listen to your needs, and provide a good manufacturer-backed guarantee. Checking online reviews and testimonials won’t hurt, either!

Got a question about artificial grass costs/finance? Just leave me a comment below, or get in touch with me directly. I’ll be happy to help!

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