Artificial Grass Products

At Synthetic Lawns Scotland we use Easigrass artificial grass products, one of the largest suppliers of artificial grass in the UK.  Easigrass supplies us with a wide range of multi award winning, natural looking premier grass products, that will suit a variety of applications.

If you are looking for an artificial grass that looks and feels like the real thing, then Easigrass is the grass range for you. From our 45mm Easi-Mayfair grass that has won medal approval at the Chelsea Flower Show, to our most established, tried and tested 30mm, Easi-Knightsbridge product, we have a full selection of grasses ready to suit all of our customers needs.  From our Easi-Belgravia grass range that has incorporated the renowned Easigrass dead infill and multi root zone, which is ideal for gardens and terraces, or our 38mm Easi-Kensington, which is extra thick, with high resilience suitable for high footfall gardens.

Find below more information on each of our grass products, to help you chose which one would be best suited to your garden.


An elite product within our artificial grass range has won medal approval at the Chelsea Flower Show.  It has a super soft feel and dead grass infill making it the talk of the artificial grass industry.  Years were spent on its development to achieve the highest of British standards and is of the highest quality on the market today.

Pile Height



Easi-Mayfair is a showpiece for all gardens, terraces and balconies.


Designed by the Easigrass in-house research and development team, Easigrass recently enhanced this grass range by adding a slightly more vibrant green with a multi-root zone to create and extra fresh look and feel.

It is durable and hardwearing, but still very soft for bare feet walking.

Pile Height: 40mm

Applications: The Easi-Belgravia is ideal for gardens and terraces. It is perfect for uplifting darker and duller areas, as it will add colour and excitement to the shadiest of places.


Winner of one of the highest accolades in the gardening world, this product was awarded a gold medal at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show in 2012.

This grass has a dead grass infill, and is soft but durable and looks perfect in all garden and balcony installations.

Pile Height


Applications: The Easi-Chelsea range is the perfect choice for all artificial grass gardens, balcony and terrace applications.


The Easi-Kensington is perfect for high footfall garden due to the new C shaped yarn.  With a recent breakthrough in yarn technology this product was developed to stay a great deal more upright, making it require less in the way of brushing and maintenance. It also has the dead grass infill making it look more realistic than ever

Pile Height: 38mm

Applications: The Easi-Kensington range is an extra thick, high resilience grass suitable for gardens where children and pets will play.


The most established tried and tested product within the grass range, which has featured in the range for more than 8 years.  Recent additional advances on its design include the introduction of an increased pile height to deliver an even more luxurious touch and feel. This grass requires very low maintenance, and has the dead grass infill, making it look very realistic.

Pile Height: 35mm

Applications: High footfall areas, suitable for children and pets.