Artificial Grass for Events & Exhibitions

Stand Out and Get Noticed

Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular with businesses transforming their stands at events to make sure they stand out. With indoor and outdoor events becoming more and more popular, artificial grass is a great way to turn a hard, boring landscape into a grassy, green surface, that will make your display stand, eye catching, so it stands out and catches people’s attention.

Synthetic turf is a quick way to brighten up your stand and gives you a talking point with passers by. It can be used to create an outdoor feel, create indoor/outdoor seating areas, fashion shows and cat walks, it can even be used on the walls.

Artificial grass can be cut to size, reused, rolled away and can be brought out time and time again, so why not invest in artificial grass to ensure your stand/stall doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

Ideas of how to use artificial grass at exhibitions

  • Sports– Promote your sportswear, golf club, or sports/golf accessories, with a small putting green to attract attention and competitive spirit from passers by, or just add some green to your stand with our artificial grass, and make it stand out from the rest, either way, this is a sure fire way to grab attention and gives you an initial talking point with potential customers.
  • Foods– Attract attention with an outdoor seating area for your customers, with picnic benches, this outdoor theme will definitely get people talking.
  • Alcohol & Beverages- Create that summer feeling with deck chairs and bean bags on the grass, for people to sit and sip their drinks.
  • Gardens- Fake grass is a great way to display furniture, BBQs, play equipment, flowers, accessories.

There are so many ways to get creative with your event stand, that will help promote your products and make your stall look that bit different and eye catching.  If you are selling something that is linked to the outdoors, this could be the perfect pairing, or if you want to create a large seating area, that will gain interest from passers by, artificial grass is the way to do it.

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