Back Garden

Discover how fake grass for your backyard can allow you to create a luscious, green and enjoyable outdoor space whilst eliminating drainage issues.

Our artificial grass means you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your garden and less time worrying about maintaining it!

With fake grass for your backyard, you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space, and create the garden of your dreams

Our fake grass eliminates drainage issues and helps you claim back your garden – and children and pets love it, too!

Are you considering investing in fake grass for your backyard?

If you’re looking for the garden of your dreams that’s ideal for entertaining guests, spending time with family or just creating a safe, pleasant place for your kids and pets to play without trailing mud through the house, artificial grass can be a great, low-maintenance option.

It stays looking luscious and green all year round – regardless of the weather – and it can also completely eliminate any ongoing puddling or drainage issues in your garden. So, no more wellies, or having to stay inside until the grass dries out!

Pets and children love to play on fake grass, and there’s even the option of installing a special shock pad layer to make it an extra soft, safe area – which can give you peace of mind if you have play equipment or a trampoline, and want to ensure your kids are protected from falls.

And for kids and grown-up kids alike, you could even install your very own artificial grass putting green, so you can get the best of both worlds. The possibilities are virtually endless, and you won’t have to deal with the constant upkeep you’d expect from natural grass.

Here at CLS, we’ve helped many customers achieve their ideal outdoor space in back gardens across central Scotland. We usually replace existing real grass lawns, chipped areas or decking, which can often be much harder to maintain.

What’s involved when installing fake grass for your backyard?

Interested in the possibility of artificial grass for your back garden, but want to know more of what’s involved first? Fake grass installations vary from garden-to-garden, but there are two main types of installation for backyards: dry fit (over decking or paving), or a full dig-out.

The latter is the most common type of installation we carry out, and involves fully excavating the area before building up a new, fully drainable sub-base (including hard core, sand and a weed barrier) to ensure your new lawn drains water quickly – even after heavy rainfall.

Before work begins on your garden, an artificial grass specialist will usually conduct a home visit, measure up your garden and give you some options to ensure that you can make the most of your outdoor space.

All materials and skips should then be delivered and ready on-site for work to commence by professional and experienced fitters – whilst ensuring minimal disruption to neighbours!

Installation usually takes 1 – 2 days to complete for a typical back garden – however, it’s worth noting that if the only access to your back garden is through your house, it may take longer, and you would also need to be home for the installation.

For more about affordable artificial grass installations, check out our affordable artificial grass page.

Looking for a specialist to install your artificial grass?

If you love the idea of fake grass for your backyard, we’d recommend touching base with an artificial grass specialist who can provide you with some free, impartial advice – preferably one who is willing to show you customer testimonials and examples of their previous work.

Curious about your options for installing fake grass in your back garden?

Luckily, our expert team are only ever a phone call away, and we’ll be delighted to advise you with a no-obligation consultation, or home visit – where we’ll be able to show you some of the realistic fake grass samples in our range.

We’re on-hand to help you make the right choice for your back garden, and will deal with your enquiry in a professional and timely manner – from your initial contact, right through to our thorough aftercare service.

Just give us a call on 08000 320 234, or fill out the ‘request a home visit’ form on this page.

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