Are you unsure of whether you should choose an artificial grass specialist?

If you’re looking for the best company to carry out a professional artificial grass installation, you may have noticed it tends to be split into two camps; landscape gardeners, and artificial grass specialists.

Which should you choose? For more on that, you can check out my blog comparing the two right here (or you can keep reading this!).

Artificial grass specialists have a few advantages over more general landscape gardeners. Not only do they have the experience, but they’re typically more dedicated to installations and even have their own grass ranges!

As an artificial grass specialist with over 8 years’ experience, I’ve outlined 5 reasons to choose an artificial grass specialist over a landscape gardener.

1. More experience and knowledge

Artificial grass specialists dedicate all of their time to installing artificial lawns day-in, day-out. Every single day. This means they’ll have a lot more experience and practical knowledge than a landscape gardener who may install just a handful of artificial lawns in a year.

This also means they’ll be able to give you professionally sound and impartial advice based on your own individual situation.

2. Own grass range for installations

Many specialists have their own artificial grass range and products. They are specific to the company, and they can bring samples to your on-site survey. They’ll tend to be slightly higher quality than off-the-shelf offerings a landscape gardener may sell.

A specialist will also listen to your needs and help you choose the right grass for your garden. For instance, you may wish to have a shock pad layer to create a safe play area for children, curved or detailed edging, or a solution that will ensure you no longer have any drainage issues (which involves installing the correct level of sub-base).

3. Higher quality workmanship

When it comes to the sub-base, landscapers will probably have knowledge regarding fake lawns. However, when it comes to intricate details, such as the invisible joins, the way the grass should run, and the cutting in of the grass round the edges, this all needs to be carried out perfectly by an expert to ensure a great finish.

Specialists also tend to use more specialist tools, that not all landscapers may have. These can often be expensive, and result in a much better quality result. Artificial grass specialists will always use these. However, when it comes to landscapers, they may not invest in certain machinery if they only carry out a few installations per year.

4. More dedicated installations

Artificial grass specialists tend to show a bit more dedication and passion towards artificial grass installations, as they know their product inside-out and it’s what they’re focused on doing on a daily basis. Landscape gardeners may have their mind on a variety of different jobs in their schedule, and won’t always be as focused.

They’ve often put a lot of time into building up an outstanding reputation, and their work often shines in customer testimonials and online reviews (which you should always check).

5. Ultimate peace of mind

Finally, there’s a lot to be said for peace of mind. When you hire an artificial grass specialist, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re hiring someone who has the experience, practical knowledge and reputation for installing brilliant quality lawns every day.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

I’d always recommend going with an artificial grass specialist over a landscape gardener. But, you should still do your homework. Look at online reviews, social media, and check out photos of their previous work – along with customers’ comments, and the company’s accreditations. You can even check their blog or FAQs!

Trust your gut, and see how you feel once they carry out the on-site survey. If they seem trustworthy, are able to offer you advise and listen to your needs, you’re onto a winner. Especially if you can choose the grass range you prefer. When customers choose between specialists, it usually comes down to cost and the grass range available. Most of them offer similar guarantees.

We’ve only just carried out an installation of a new fake lawn (60 square metres)  for a customer who had initially hired a landscape gardener. They’d done a lot of research on the company and they seemed to have great reviews.

Unfortunately, they didn’t do a great job. They only carried out a partial dig, and skipped installing a full sub-base – so the garden didn’t drain effectively or even sit level. The customer had dogs, so needed the job to be done properly. Our team installed a new sub-base, and carried out the full installation again.

This included adding timber borders and new grass. It was all very costly to the customer, as the landscaper hadn’t been cheap. At least now they can enjoy their lawn, without having to worry about any further issues.


There we have it! Five great reasons to choose an artificial grass specialist for your new fake lawn installation. Of course, I’m not saying all landscape gardeners will do a terrible job, but you will get extra peace of mind by choosing a company that only installs artificial grass day-in, day-out.

Is there anything you want to know about choosing an artificial grass specialist for your new lawn?

Let me know in the comments’ section. I’ll be happy to help!

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