Discover how artificial grass for your balcony can create a unique, quirky look whilst allowing you to enjoy a lush, green outdoor space all year round.

Our artificial grass can be fitted on any balcony, which is ideal if you don’t have a garden of your own

Could artificial grass for your balcony bring you the garden you’ve been missing?

If you don’t have a garden of your own, and want to make the most of your balcony by creating a fun, quirky outdoor space, the addition of fake grass can be a great mood lifter. Think of it as a little bit of nature in an unexpected place.

Picture the scene; every time you look outside, you’ll see a lush, green space that you and your family can enjoy – and it feels lovely and soft to walk on in your bare feet, too! You could even brighten it up with some plants and flowers (or lawn flamingos!), creating your own little haven.

We’ve installed artificial grass on balconies for many clients who don’t have gardens of their own, but want to have the greenery of a lawn. It’s perfect for entertaining guests, enjoying your morning coffee, or simply relaxing on summer evenings with the softness of grass underfoot.

You even can safely lay down garden furniture and accessories without having to worry about any damage to the grass – so, you won’t have to worry about getting that recliner out on summer days!

What are the options for installing artificial grass on your balcony?

Artificial grass can be installed on any balcony or roof terrace – whether you have a large space you’d like to use to entertain guests, or a smaller area you just want to brighten up and make the most of with some quirky greenery.

Typically, an artificial grass installation on a balcony will involve the inclusion of a special shock pad layer, which we feel is essential because of the hard surface underneath. It just means you’ll be left with a pleasant, soft area that’s safe for children to play on.

This shock pad layer will vary from installer to installer, but the product we install comes in either 10mm (best for balconies as it’s not too thick to go under doors) 18mm or 25mm thicknesses. It also makes an area super safe for children and pets.

Because of the inclusion of this shock pad layer, artificial grass balcony installations will typically cost slightly less than a typical artificial grass installation at £45 – 55 + VAT per square metre).

An artificial grass specialist should be able to conduct an on-site survey and talk you through all your options – as well as giving a better idea of costs – when visiting your home. They should also bring along some different samples so you can get a better idea of how your grass will look.

Looking for a specialist to install artificial grass for your balcony?

Decided artificial grass could be ideal to complete your balcony? We’d recommend getting in touch with an artificial grass specialist who can provide some free, impartial advice – they’ll be able to show you client testimonials and examples of their work.

Remember, they may be able to offer a specific, softer grass for your balcony installation that will feel lovely underfoot, so see what they’d recommend, and have a feel of the different samples they have on offer.

Want to learn more about the different options available when buying artificial grass for your balcony?

Luckily, our friendly team are only ever a phone call away, and we’ll be delighted to help advise you with a no-obligation consultation, or home visit – you’ll also be able to take a look at some artificial grass samples that are ideal for installing on a balcony.

We offer a helping hand so you can make the right choice when it comes to creating your ideal balcony look, and will deal with your enquiry in a professional and timely manner – from your initial contact, right through to our thorough aftercare service.

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