Are you wondering how much artificial grass will cost to install in your garden?

Perhaps you already have a figure in mind from hearing of a friend’s experience, or doing your own research online.

A quick Google search can bring up a vast range of prices. This is simply due to the many different companies that offer this service – there may even be hidden costs that aren’t always displayed!

Cost can also depend on a few factors, like how big your garden is, or the type of grass you choose.

Below, I’m going to use my 8+ years as an experienced artificial lawn installer to try and clarify how much you can expect to pay, along with some of the main factors that can affect cost.

The average cost of artificial grass

As I mentioned above, the cost of artificial grass can vary. Just because it cost a certain price for a friend, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the same cost for you.

This is simply because when measuring up a garden, there are various factors to take into account, which all must be included in the overall price.

However, to give you an idea of costs, you can expect to pay roughly:

  • Artificial grass (supplied only): £20 – £30 + VAT per square metre
  • Artificial grass supplied and fitted: £55 – £65 + VAT per square metre

The ‘supplied and fitted’ cost above should include the full process, including excavation of the existing area, a new sub base (plus weed barrier), and the artificial grass of your choice. Some companies (us included) will also provide the skip and take away any waste, inclusive in this price.

5 factors that affect the overall cost

Below, I’m going to tell you about some other factors that may affect the cost of your artificial grass installation. This should hopefully help you avoid any nasty surprises!

1. Your choice of grass

There are many different types and brands of artificial grass on the market – some more realistic than others. The brand we choose to install comes in seven different ranges, all of varying colours and details.

So, you may wish to pay slightly more for the type of grass that you feel best suits your property. It all comes down to a matter of personal choice!

2. Access to your garden

If the only access to your garden is through your home, or there is very limited access to your garden that makes transporting all the necessary materials tricky, this may increase the labour time (and therefore the cost of the work).

3. Severe drainage issues

If you have severe drainage issues, it could mean having to install a deeper sub-base, before building up your artificial lawn. This is something a good installer should be able to assess and quote for before work begins.

4. Your choice of edging

The type of edging you choose may also add some extra cost onto your installation. For example, curved, detailed edging would mean including aluminium edging or brickwork to create the curves.

However, for straight-edged installations, a tanalised, treated timber is usually included in the costs above.

5. Installing a putting green

Finally, if you were to opt for a putting green to be installed in your garden, this will probably also add to your overall costs, simply due to the amount of preparation involved. This includes installing a curved fringe, and adding putting cups.

Advice from a professional installer

The first thing I’d recommend is to always do your research before choosing a company to install artificial grass. Check their credentials, reviews, social media and websites – and always get two or three fixed-price, detailed quotes!

This means you’ll always know what’s included in the price, with no hidden charges or surprises!

We once quoted for the same job as another company, and it turned out they were coming in cheaper than us. However, the samples of grass that were left with the customer didn’t match up with our range (Easigrass).

The customer felt that Easigrass was thicker, softer and more realistic-looking. The other company also used sub-contractors to carry out the work, and didn’t include skips for excavation waste, which is why she opted for our in-house specialists to install her grass instead.

The above story is why it’s so important to know exactly what you’re paying for, and ensure you’re 100% happy with the product. It should also come fully backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee.


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful when researching the cost of artificial grass. Remember to always get a few fixed-price, detailed quotes, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

And don’t forget to thoroughly do your research before deciding on a company!

Do you have any other questions about the cost of installing artificial grass? Feel free to leave a comment below, or alternatively just get in touch with me directly. I’m always happy to help!

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