Artificial Long Grass

Artificial long grass can give you a luscious, realistic lawn that’s soft to the touch and easy to maintain – so you can enjoy your garden all year round

long grass

Our artificial grass comes in a wide variety of ranges and lengths that’s virtually indistinguishable from real grass!

Want to brighten up your lawn with fake grass that’s long, luscious and looks just as good as the real thing?

Artificial long grass can be a great way to make your lawn look bright and green all year round, with very little maintenance required. So, you can get the most out of your garden, without having to worry about having to mow your lawn or use harmful chemicals.

Modern, high quality artificial grass has come a long way since the short ‘Astroturf’ grass you may remember seeing on football pitches. In fact, many people find it difficult to distinguish from the real thing just from looking at it!

And because it’s also a great drainage solution, it means that you’ll no longer have to put up with muddy or bare patches where your grass just isn’t growing – instead, you can have long, luxurious grass that’s lovely and soft for children and pets to play on.

A good artificial grass specialist or installer will show you a wide range of grasses and lengths when making your choice, and allow you to take your time to find the one you’re most happy with.

Let’s take a closer look at your options, below.

What are your options for artificial long grass?

Fake grass comes in a variety of ranges and lengths. For a domestic garden, you’d typically be looking for grass that’s anywhere from 25mm – 50mm long – we wouldn’t recommend fake grass that’s any shorter than that, as that’s generally what you’d use for putting greens.

If you want your artificial grass to look super realistic, it should ideally include ‘dead grass infill’. This has a brown layer of dead-looking grass going through it, which gives it a natural look and replicates what you’d expect from a real lawn.

The colour is also important, as you want your grass to stand out for all the right reasons. Your artificial grass should ideally look natural and look like a well-maintained, real lawn – too bright and it may take on a bowling green look.

Another way to help you choose a good quality artificial long grass is by checking the stitch and gauge rate. Here’s a little explanation of what to look for:

  • The stitch rate – In other words, how many stitches there are in a square meter of grass. As a rule of thumb, the higher the stitch rate, the better
  • The gauge – This is the distance between the lines of stitching. If the distance is too wide, the grass will not look as convincing

If you check for all of the above, you should be able to choose an artificial grass that you and your family will be happy with and can enjoy for the next 15 – 20 years!

TIP: Regardless of the length of artificial grass you choose, your lawn will be level with the rest of your garden due to the way it’s installed, as the sub-base can be reduced slightly to accommodate for the extra pile height.

Looking for a specialist to install artificial long grass?

Could lovely, artificial long grass help to give your garden a natural, luscious feel that you’d normally only expect from a natural lawn? We’d recommend getting in touch with an artificial grass specialist who can talk you through your options and provide free, impartial advice.

They should be happy to visit your home, and show you real samples of their grass, so you can choose the softest, most realistic grass for your lawn. They’ll also be able to give you all the advice you’ll need to maintain it and keep it looking lush and green all year round.

Want to learn more about the different options available when buying artificial long grass?

Fortunately, our friendly team are on-hand to help advise you with a no-obligation consultation, or home visit – you’ll also be able to take a look at some artificial grass samples so that you’ll have a better idea how your ideal garden could look!

We’re on-hand to help you make the right choice when it comes to an affordable and realistic artificial grass installation, and will deal with your enquiry in a professional and timely manner – from your initial contact, right through to our thorough aftercare service.

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