Artificial grass for decking can transform your drab, dull outdoor space into a luscious, green and soft area that’s also super low-maintenance.

Our artificial grass is perfect for making the most out of your garden – children and pets love it, too!

Are you looking to transform your outdoor decking area into a green, natural-looking space?

If so, artificial grass for decking could be an ideal solution. It’s much more low-maintenance, and provides a safer surface for children to play on – without the risk of slipping after rain. It’s also perfect for entertaining guests, or just making the most out of your garden any time of the year.

So, if your decking constantly attracts moss, or is starting to look its age, fake grass could be a viable option. And the good news is that it can be installed directly on top of your decking – as long as it’s in relatively good condition first (more about that below).

The addition of a safety shock pad layer makes artificial grass super safe for children to play on, so you won’t have to worry about bumps or falls. It’s also very cost effective, and tends to be slightly cheaper than a typical artificial grass installation, at £45 – £55 + VAT per square meter.

We’ve installed artificial grass on top of decking in many gardens across central Scotland, and it’s amazing how it can completely transform a space.

Find out more about how you can have artificial grass installed for your decking, below.

How is artificial grass for decking typically installed?

First, your chosen artificial grass specialist must ensure that your decking boards are in good condition, level, and completely free of rot. If this is the case, your installation can go ahead. If not, then they may be able to offer some remedial work to get it up to scratch first.

A typical artificial grass installation on decking involves brushing and power blowing the area, before applying a weed barrier. Then, an optional shock pad layer goes on top, before the artificial grass is laid down.

Your artificial grass installer will then apply the final touches, before either tacking or stapling down the perimeter of your grass to ensure it is secure and won’t move.

Because decking is such a hard surface, installing a shock pad layer is recommended. If you’re mainly getting your artificial grass for kids to play on, this extra layer of protection is ideal, as it comes in thicknesses of 10mm, 18mm or 25mm and can achieve a critical fall height of 2.6m.

However, if your pets are going to be using the grass often, it may be best not to include this in your installation, as the extra layer can soak up urine and start to smell. The other option is to remove your decking, and carry out a regular artificial grass installation to solve both issues.

Looking for a specialist to install artificial grass for decking?

If you’ve decided artificial grass could be the perfect solution to transform your drab, dull old decking, we’d recommend getting in touch with an artificial grass specialist who can talk you through your options.

They’ll be able to assess the site to ensure it will drain properly, and provide free, impartial advice. They should also be able to show you client testimonials and examples of their work, so you can get a better idea of what your finished artificial grass should look like.

Want to learn more about the different options available when installing artificial grass for decking?

Luckily, our friendly team are only ever a phone call away, and we’ll be delighted to help advise you with a no-obligation consultation, or home visit – you’ll also be able to take a look at some artificial grass samples and choose the perfect one for you.

We’re on-hand to help you make the right choice when it comes to an affordable fake grass installation, and will deal with your enquiry in a professional and timely manner – from your initial contact, right through to our thorough aftercare service.

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