Putting Greens

Artificial grass for your golf putting green can help you destress and perfect your putt, whilst allowing you to play all year round with minimal maintenance!

Our artificial grass putting greens are purposely designed to allow a smooth ball roll and mimic a real grass putting green

Are you thinking about artificial grass for your golf putting green?

Whether you can’t always make it to the practice range as much as you’d like, or you’re just looking for a way to relax and destress after a long, busy day, artificial grass putting greens are a great way to practice the perfect putt – regardless of the weather!

It also means that on days where you just know the practice range is going to be choc-a-bloc, you can still get your practice in with your very own, bespoke putting green whilst relaxing in the privacy of your back garden. It’s also easy to maintain, to keep it looking great all year round.

Having a putting green in your back garden can be a great conversation (and fun!) starter when friends and family are around. It can also be a lifesaver when getting in that much-needed practice for upcoming competitions – an extra hour or two can make all the difference!

Artificial grass putting greens aren’t just limited to your back garden, either – they can also be installed in your home, or at the office! It can even be installed over patio and decking.

What are the options for an artificial grass putting green?

In most cases, you can have artificial grass for your golf putting green installed to just about any specification you like, as they can come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the space you have, you may want a small putting green with one hole, or scale up to add as many as you like!

Most artificial grass specialists (us included) will use a specially-designed putting green turf when installing a putting green in your garden. This is because it has an exceptionally low texture finish to allow a smooth ball roll to mimic the real thing – it’s also very easy to maintain.

This can then be complemented with a longer pile grass to create the surrounding area and fringe around your putting green, to give a finished look and help protect the longevity of your artificial grass putting green – it also means you’re not having to walk on it as often.

The final finishing touch comes in the form of putting green flags to give a more official look to your unique putting green.

NOTE: It’s important to only use fake grass that has been specially designed for a putting green, and use a longer pile height of grass for the surrounding area and fringing. Otherwise it will be much harder to play on.

How much does an artificial grass putting green cost?

Installing artificial grass for your golf putting green costs on average £70 – £80 per square metre – plus VAT. This includes full excavation of the grass (or a shock pad layer if installing indoors), along with the grass itself, surrounding grass and fringing, along with the cups and flags.

Quite a bit more detail is involved when installing an artificial grass putting green compared to a typical artificial grass installation, which is reflected in the costs.

Other factors that can affect costs include:

  • Your choice of grass
  • Access to your garden
  • Severe drainage issues
  • Your choice of edging
  • Installing a putting green

However, you should be able to get a better idea of how much your fake grass putting green will cost once an installer has conducted a home visit and assessed the area.

Looking for a specialist to install an artificial grass putting green?

Decided to invest in artificial grass for your golf putting green? We’d recommend getting in touch with an artificial grass specialist who can talk you through your options and provide impartial advice – they should also be able to show you client testimonials and examples of their work.

It’s always a good idea to ask if they have a specific grass they use for artificial grass putting greens – and if you’re a keen golfer, also check the stimp rating, as this affects how easily a ball will roll across the green. A good stimp rating should be about 10.

Cups and flags should also be included in your installation as standard, but check with your installer if this will definitely be the case.

Want to learn more about the different options available for your artificial grass putting green?

Luckily, our friendly team are only ever a phone call away, and we’ll be delighted to help advise you with a no-obligation consultation, or home visit – you’ll also be able to take a look at some artificial grass samples that have been purposely designed for putting greens.

We’re on-hand to help you make the right choice when it comes to an affordable fake grass installation, and will deal with your enquiry in a professional and timely manner – from your initial contact, right through to our thorough aftercare service.

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