7 of the Best Steps to Help Maintain Your Artificial Lawn

Are you looking for tips to help maintain your paved garden or patio all year round?

Paved areas do need quite a bit of maintenance if you want them to look good 365 days a year. However, installing a paved area in your garden will still lower the amount of maintenance you’d have to carry out compared with a natural lawn.

The risks of not maintaining your patio or paved area means it could become slippy with moss, and even discolour over time, causing your paving to deteriorate faster. So, how can you prevent these issues from occurring?

As an experienced landscaper, I’m going to talk you through some of the best tips for maintaining your paved garden all year round.

1. Kill any weeds

Regular weed killing is required to keep weeds at bay. You can use a pet-friendly, gentle weed killer to take care of weeds, which are prone to growing in-between the paving due to the kiln dried sand between the joins of your slabs.

2. Sweep with a stiff brush

Sweeping your patio or paved area regularly with a stiff brush will help to get rid of airborne seeds. It will also brush away any moss on the surface that may become slippy and stain the paving.

3. Power hose the area

Once every six months, or even every year, you should power hose your patio or paved garden. This is advised to get all the dirt and grime off your paving, to bring it back to its natural colour.

4. Top up the sand joints

Kiln-dried sand is used in the joint filling of block paving, and some paving slabs, to help keep the structure of the paving rigid. It’s crucial that after power washing the block paving that the joints between the blocks are re-sanded once the paving is dry. This prevents water penetrating the paved area so the blocks don’t sink or become loose.

NOTE: On other paving slabs, we would use a jointing compound (one example is Marshalls Weatherpoint 365); a sand/cement mix that is very strong and won’t come out of the joints with powerhosing. The joint materials used really depends on the paving, as with block paving, the gaps between the blocks aren’t wide enough to use a jointing compound.

Advice from an experienced landscaper

Don’t have the time to regularly maintain your paved garden? Want to ensure your patio is professionally maintained to last you many years? There are companies that specialise in the maintenance of paving and mono blocked areas.

TIP: For a lower-maintenance option to paving or patio, you could try investing in a resin-bound surface. It’s a fully-permeable solution that lasts on average around 15 – 20 years, so ask your chosen landscaper or installer for more information.


Thanks for reading. By now you should have a better idea of how to maintain your paved garden to look great all year round. The above steps are a good starting point, however you could also invest in a professional solution to ensure ultimate peace of mind that your patio will last the distance.

Do you have any questions about maintaining a paved garden? Let me know in the comments! I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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