Artificial Grass for Commercial Businesses

Give your customers, something pleasing to look at

Artificial grass is a popular choice with businesses, using synthetic turf to transform lifeless areas into a luscious green space for customers.

Whether it be a restaurant looking to make the front of their restaurant stand out, and catch people’s eyes, or a hotel, looking to turn heads by using artificial grass on the floor of their roof top bar. The uses for artificial grass in commercial businesses is endless and will create a welcoming environment, that is sure to add the wow factor. Artificial grass can also help businesses increase their profits, as a result of increased footfall, and can help to reduce health and safety risks.

Synthetic turf will brighten up any space, is hard wearing, and with the low maintenance factor, it is a great investment, as very minimal upkeep required.

Artificial grass for public areas

Artificial grass for parks and playgrounds is the preferred surface, as it is much safer for trips and falls.  It is low maintenance and has high durability, which is perfect for a high footfall area.  It will stand the test of time, with a lot of foot traffic, and drains faster than natural grass, providing a much better surface for kids to play on. It is non-abrasive, and provides comfort when walking on it.  It is fast becoming the no1 choice for public areas, due to the more cushioned surface , reducing the risk of injury at parks and playgrounds.

Artificial grass for commercial areas

Our commercial artificial grass provides a suitable surface for high footfall areas, or for areas with low footfall, but are required to look great all year round, with very little maintenance.

Commercial Areas Suited To Artificial Grass

    • Roundabouts
    • Paths and path edges
    • Office gardens
    • Swimming pool surrounds
    • Shopping mall surrounds
    • Restaurants

As artificial grass doesn’t require any water or sunlight, all of the above areas would benefit from having artificial grass installed, as it will brighten up any surface and will look great year after year.