Artificial Grass Putting Green

Are you wondering if you can install an artificial grass putting green in your garden?

If you love a game of golf, but getting to the practice range is easier said than done, this can be a great option.

As an artificial grass specialist, I’ve installed putting greens for some of my customers in the past – and it looks great!

Installation can seem a bit more complicated, though. Below I’ll tell you more about how it’s done, and some of the main factors to consider.

Why choose to install a putting green in your garden?

Putting greens for homeowners are becoming increasingly popular. With people’s lifestyles seemingly getting busier by the day, what could be more convenient than having a putting green in your back garden?

An artificial grass putting green means you can play all year round – either straight after work, before you collect the children, or at the weekend.

When practice ranges are busy, or you just want a quick 20 minutes’ of practice, it’s an ideal solution.

How to get an artificial putting green installed in your garden

An artificial grass specialist should be able to advise you on where would be suitable to install your putting green. This can either be installed as part of a wider artificial grass area, or surrounded by natural lawn, paving or even decking. The choice is completely up to you!

They should be able to conduct a home visit and survey, and ask all the right questions to get a better idea of what you’re looking for. This should also give you a good idea of the process involved, and allow you to ask any questions about your installation.

It does require some experience to install a putting green (as opposed to a traditional artificial lawn), so a specialist will be the best person to carry out the installation. Let me explain why, below.

How does this vary from a standard installation?

Just like a standard installation, installing a putting green will involve all of the usual steps, including a full dig-out of the existing area, laying down a sub-base and cutting the grass to fit into the space. It also has to be secured in place, any joins glued, and silica sand brushed in with a mechanical brush.

However, adding a putting green to your lawn does take a lot of extra time and preparation. This is because it requires the installation of a curved fringe, and adding putting cups. A specialist would also install putting green grass, and use a thicker pile height grass for the edging. A timber border would also be included.

The extra work will be reflected in the price, along with additional labour costs, and the time spent on your putting green/project.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

It might sound quite complicated, but installing your own putting green can be really worth it. When installed right, it should play true and be smooth all year round. So, you can impress your friends (or foes) with your improved skills at your next game!

Just take your time selecting the right artificial grass specialist or installer for your project. Ask if they have experience installing putting greens, and whether you can see examples of their work. Online reviews and testimonials can also help give you peace of mind, but always trust your gut.