Artificial Grass for your Office

Wondering if you can get artificial grass installed in your office?

The answer is: yes! Of course you can. Well, that is, if you’re self-employed or part of a company that supports it. More and more businesses seem to be choosing this as an option for their employees. After all, happy staff = higher productivity.

So, if you’d like to get artificial grass installed in your office, read on.

As an artificial grass specialist, let me tell you below how you can get artificial grass installed in your office.

NOTE: Employed? You might have to ask your boss about it, first!

Why install artificial grass in your office?

Companies are catching onto the fact that having artificial grass in an office not only boosts morale, but also brightens the atmosphere. Studies and surveys have shown that a pleasant and zen working environment can help boost productivity.

Workloads and the demands of a job can get overwhelming, and a relaxing, right atmosphere can be what employees need to create the perfect workspace and boost mood; therefore, productivity. Adding plants, trees and artificial grass can be a great way to inspire staff and can stop the office looking stale and boring. Instead, they’ll have a fun, creative environment.

It’s also easy to maintain, with no mopping or daily sweeping!

Not only is artificial grass good for morale and productivity, it can also help companies – or self employed business owners – stand out and make a great first impression for clients.

If you have a home office, you can even de-stress with your very own putting green. Or cover your desk with it for a really quirky workspace!

What does an indoor artificial grass installation involve?

Artificial grass installations in offices are fairly simple jobs, as there’s no need for digging first. In almost 100% of cases, the floor is already level.

But what does it involve? Well, an artificial grass specialist or installer would:

  1. Prepare the area and ensure the floor is clean and clear of debris
  2. Install a shock pad layer system to create a soft, safe, level surface
  3. Lay the artificial grass 
  4. Secure all joins with glue

An office artificial grass installation costs roughly the same as any outdoor installation. In fact, it’s just slightly less, at around £50 – £60 + VAT per square metre. Even though there’s no dig-out, there is the added cost of the shockpad layer. We don’t usually include this in the cost of outdoor installations (but it’s still an option).

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

If you have a business and your own office, or work from home, artificial grass can be a great way to create a fun and different environment.

Unfortunately, if you’re employed, installing artificial grass is usually a company decision. But there’s no reason you can’t bring it up at your next meeting! If offices want this, it’s mainly to boost staff morale and help increase productivity.

We’ve previously installed our fake grass in architects’ and designers’ offices. Mainly because it’s quirky, unusual and complements their line of work perfectly. We’ve also installed our product in home offices, as our customers find this is a great way to bring the outdoors in.

When working from home in an office themselves, they want to make the area as bright and inviting as they can. It also makes a great first impression on any clients visiting, as it’s unique and shows creativity.