Are you thinking of installing artificial grass for your children or grandchildren to enjoy?

Perhaps you’ve already done your research, or heard from friends about how artificial grass is one of the most child-friendly surfaces to have in your garden.

But what is it that makes artificial grass so child-friendly?

As an experienced landscaper, I’ve installed artificial grass in many homes over the years. Below, I’m going to tell you three reassuring reasons why artificial grass is child-friendly.

1. No mud or mess

Artificial grass is very quick to drain away water. This means that children can quickly use the garden again, even after heavy rain. As most quality artificial grass products are applied over a sand sub-base, this creates a soft, flat surface with great drainage. The added benefit of this is that all soil and mud is removed, eliminating the risk of stained clothing and muddy footprints.

Also, there’s no need to worry about young children putting grass, mud or bugs in their mouths.

2. A safety shock pad layer

Most quality artificial grass solutions come with the option of an added safety shock pad layer. This is perfect for creating a soft, spongy play area for children. It’s suitable for use around swings, slides, climbing frames, paddling pools and trampolines.

The product we install (Easigrass) calls this layer ‘Easi-play’. Like similar brands, it can achieve up to 2.6m critical fall height, and the layer itself comes in either 18mm or 25mm thicknesses. The thickness of the grass that will go over the top will range in thickness from around 30mm – 50mm.

The artificial grass, together with the shock pad layer, helps to prevent injury by providing a softer, safer landing for children if they fall. Always check which options your chosen installer can offer you.

3. No need for harmful chemicals

Because artificial grass requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking good, you won’t have to use fertilisers or other chemicals to keep it looking healthy. So, you won’t have to worry about exposing children to potentially harmful chemicals, or having to keep them indoors.

Advice from an experienced landscaper

Most artificial grass should be child-friendly, and designed to meet British safety standards. However, it’s prudent to ensure your chosen installer is using a product that is thoroughly tested to meet these rigorous standards. It should also come with a good, manufacturer-backed guarantee.

One other thing I’d say is that installation also matters. The correct sub-base should be installed, to ensure effective drainage and that the grass will be laid on top of a flat level surface. This prevents ripples or dipping in the grass. If the grass requires joins, these should be professionally installed so that they won’t come apart and cause a tripping hazard for children.


So, there we have it. Three reassuring reasons why artificial grass is completely safe for your child:

  1. No mud or mess
  2. A safety shock pad layer
  3. No need for harmful chemicals

Just ensure you choose an experienced artificial grass installer or landscaper who can install your grass correctly, with the correct sub-base. Most good quality artificial grass products should meet British safety standards, and come with a manufacturer-backed guarantee.

Do you have any questions about installing artificial grass in your family home? Let me know in the comments’ section. I’d love to hear from you!

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