Do you have an autistic son or daughter, and are wondering if artificial grass could be a good idea for them?

There are many benefits of artificial grass when it comes to children with autism. For instance, it can allow them to spend time outside all year round, regardless of weather.

It also creates a soft, safe, and stimulating space for them to play, as one of our customers in particular recently discovered.

As an artificial grass specialist, let me tell you more about how artificial grass could help benefit your autistic son or daughter, and the story of how it helped one family in particular.

How artificial grass can help benefit those with autism

Fake grass is ideal for any child with autism. Not only does it create a safe surface for them to play on, but it’s also very stimulating and soft.

1. Play outside regardless of weather

Artificial grass drains water really quickly, so even if there’s been heavy rainfall, your child won’t have to wait indoors until your lawn dries out. This also helps your lawn look luscious and green all year round.

So, especially if your lawn regularly suffers from puddles or muddy patches (more about that below), artificial grass could be a great solution. And it means your autistic child can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

2. Stimulating to look at and touch

Artificial grass can be incredibly visually stimulating, as well as soft to touch with your fingers. We find it can offer a great sensory experience for those with autism. It also means there’s less in your garden that your child could easily pick up and eat.

3. A soft, safe space

Most high quality artificial grass solutions can include an additional safety shock pad layer. This can help create a soft, spongy play area for children. You can use it around swings, slides, climbing frames, paddling pools and trampolines. It’s great for preventing injury and ensuring your child can play safely.

This layer can typically achieve up to 2.6m critical fall height, and the layer we install itself comes in either 18mm or 25mm thicknesses. The thickness of the grass on top of that will range in thickness from around 30mm – 50mm.

4. No mud and mess

Installing artificial grass in your garden can completely eliminate mud and mess. Because it’s built up of many layers (including a sub-base layer) you will no longer have to worry about mud trailing through your house.

And your child won’t have to wear wellies or wait indoors until the grass is okay to play on again!

5. Low maintenance – so less hassle for parents!

If you have an autistic son or daughter, you probably already live a busy lifestyle. The good news is that artificial grass is incredibly low-maintenance, so this won’t impact on you too much. In fact, all you need to do is use a stiff brush every so often, and clear up any leaves, debris or pet mess!

TIP: For more information on maintaining artificial grass, check out our blog: ‘7 of the Best Steps to Help Maintain Your Artificial Lawn’.

How artificial grass helped change the lives of one family

I was recently contacted by a customer looking to have fake grass installed in her family’s back garden. Her daughter had a form of autism, and they wanted her to have full use of the garden. When they first contacted us, the garden was all muddy, with patchy grass and stone chips. It was pretty unusable.

They wanted fake grass installed so their daughter could use the garden without the constant worry of her picking up stones and mud and trying to put it in her mouth. It also meant that they could get out in the garden in all weather. The low-maintenance aspect also appealed greatly to the family, as they didn’t have a lot of spare time.

Until the grass was installed, their daughter spent a lot of time in the house. She was rarely able to use the garden, and when she did she needed constant supervision. It was stressful for the parents, and they wanted a beautiful, safe environment for their daughter to play in and enjoy all year round.

When I first visited and measured up the garden, I instantly knew fake grass would make a huge difference. It was a large space that would really benefit from having fake grass. The whole family would be able to get the benefit, and it would also take some of the worry away from the parents.

On the day, I brought along some samples and showed them to the parents. I also explained all the benefits, and offered them a competitive price to ensure they could go ahead with their installation. They absolutely loved it, and decided to go ahead.

The result? It’s made a huge difference to the family’s lives, and their daughter can spend much more time outside playing without having to be supervised constantly. The softness of the grass is a massive benefit. Their daughter loves the feel of it and can lie on it and play on it as much as she likes. That’s one happy ending!

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

If you have a child with autism and are wondering what your options are when it comes to installing artificial grass, I’d recommend seeking an artificial grass specialist or installer. They should be able to help advise you on all your options, and give you some free, impartial advice.

It’s also a good idea to look at some previous examples of their work. Customer reviews and testimonials can be a good way to help set your mind at ease.

You should also check your artificial grass will come with a guarantee.


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful. Artificial grass can be a great solution if you have an autistic son or daughter, and want to create a safe, enjoyable space for them to play. Soft to touch and visually stimulating, fake grass can provide an ideal environment for them to spend time in. It’s also low-maintenance, so can help take some of the stress away from parents!

Do you have any questions about artificial grass for those with autism? Let me know in the comments’ section. I’d love to hear from you!

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