Are you thinking of investing in artificial grass for your property, but are feeling worried about how to keep it clean?

After all, your lawn might change, but pets will always be pets! The good news is that with a good quality artificial lawn, your pets will still be able to urinate and defecate as normal.

Good quality artificial grass won’t stain with pet urine as natural grass would – and with just a tiny bit of maintenance, it shouldn’t smell, either. However, I know this is still something a lot of my customers worry about.

As an experienced artificial grass installer, I’m going to tell you how you can keep your artificial grass smelling clean, for minimal effort!

Tips for keeping your artificial lawn smelling clean

dogs playing on artificial grass

As long as you follow these two simple steps, you shouldn’t have a problem with your artificial grass smelling:

1. Remove any pet faeces straight away and hose down the affected area

This should ensure there are no lingering smells during dry weather. You’ll also find rainfall will help ensure your artificial grass stays smelling fresh and clean.

2. Use re-oderiser (optional) or soap and water to eliminate persistent smells

Some artificial grass manufacturers produce re-oderiser which can help to ensure your artificial grass smells clean 24/7. However, this is merely optional, and if a smell persists, you can instead opt to clean the area with a little soap and water.

TIP: With this regular maintenance, there’s no reason why your artificial grass can’t last you a good 15 – 20 years.

Will all artificial grass be able to withstand pet waste?

Most good quality artificial grass products should be able to withstand your pet’s toilet habits. As long as it is regularly maintained and hosed down, with frequent disposal of any animal waste, it should stay smelling fresh.

However, you should ensure the installation process includes installing a fully-porous sub-base, and that the product itself will allow for urine to drain straight through. As long as this is the case, there shouldn’t be any problems with your artificial grass.

Preferably, it should also come with a good guarantee that will protect against any fading or staining (but not damage caused by pets). Our guarantee also covers tensile strength of the grass, and our own workmanship.

Advice from an experienced installer

To set your mind at ease, choose a reputable installer and ask to see examples of their work for customers who have pets. We were able to do this for one of our customers a while back, as they had two dogs, and were worried that the grass would start to smell if their pets urinated on it regularly.

Despite advising this wouldn’t be a problem, the customer still had reservations, as it was a very large area to cover and quite an investment. Luckily, we had installed one of our fake lawns in a back garden in the same street, and because they were already acquainted, they got in touch with their neighbour who was able to offer their advice.

They explained that they’d had their artificial lawn for three years, with two big dogs, and had never had any problems with smell. This is because they hose down and dispose of their pet waste straight away.

This gave our customer the peace of mind they needed, and they decided to go ahead with the installation. It has now been over a year, and they haven’t had any problems.


I hope this blog post has been helpful when learning more about how artificial grass can handle… well, whatever your pet throws at it! I know this can be a very real concern for a lot of my customers, which is why I wanted to explain how this fear is entirely unfounded.

As long as your artificial grass is regularly maintained, it shouldn’t smell. It should also keep its luscious green colour, with a guarantee against fading to back it up!

Do you have a question about artificial grass I failed to answer above? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll do my best to help.

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