Are you thinking of investing in artificial grass, but are worried it could get damaged?

Fake grass can be an investment, so it makes sense that you’d be worried about keeping it in good condition and looking great for its full lifespan (15 – 20 years). You may be worried about whether garden furniture can damage your artificial grass.

Or perhaps if you have artificial grass indoors, you’re concerned it could be damaged by gym equipment, or a desk.

As an artificial grass specialist, I’m here to set your mind at ease. Below, I’m going to explain more about why you shouldn’t need to worry about (most) heavy objects on your artificial grass!

Can heavy objects damage your artificial grass?

The answer is no; as long as the heavy object isn’t sharp, your artificial grass won’t be damaged. Normal garden objects such as garden furniture, swings, chutes, trampolines etc. shouldn’t have a negative impact on your grass.

However, heavy objects can only be put on fake grass as long as a proper sub-base has been installed – or, if your grass has been installed on top of concrete or decking. Otherwise, it will sink.

TIP: For a better idea of maintenance for your artificial lawn, check out our recent blog: ‘7 of the Best Steps to Help Maintain Your Artificial Lawn’.

However, artificial grass CAN be damaged by sharp objects, or hot objects (such as a barbecue). If your artificial grass does sustain some damage, either by burning or getting cut by a sharp object, it could potentially be patched by an artificial grass specialist.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

My advice is not to worry, as regular garden heavy objects won’t damage your artificial grass. When lifted or moved, the grass will brush up and look just the same as the rest of the grass. This can be done using a stiff brush, or by hand if it’s a small area.

If required, you can also get a professional to carry out maintenance (recommended once per year) where a mechanical power brush will be used. They’ll also carry out typical annual maintenance on the rest of your lawn, too!

One of our customers was concerned that having their children’s play furniture on their new lawn would damage it. They had swings, chutes and a trampoline. We advised that this was the best surface to be underneath their children’s play furniture. This was mainly for the safety aspect and low maintenance aspect.

When the furniture was lifted, it would brush up and look good as new. Our customers were very happy with this, and got their large back garden transformed with fake grass.


Thanks for reading. If you were concerned about whether heavy objects can damage your artificial grass, I hope this has put your mind at ease. For most heavy objects, you shouldn’t have to worry, as high quality artificial grass will just bounce back up again once the heavy object is moved. A stiff brush or mechanical power brush can also keep it looking great.

Just refrain from using sharp objects or hot objects (like barbecues) on top of your fake lawn. All will be fine!

Do you have any more specific questions about things that can damage your artificial grass? Just let me know in the comments. I promise to reply!

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