Are you worried about how much heat artificial grass will absorb in the summer?

If you’re thinking of investing in artificial grass for your garden, this may be a concern. After all, it’s made of synthetic material, so it will tend to get warmer than a natural lawn. A lot of our customers ask us if they’ll still be able to walk on their lawn barefoot, and if kids and pets can still play on it without getting burned.

The good news is that artificial grass should never get too hot for you to use – at least not here in the UK – and none of our own customers have experienced this problem.

As an artificial grass specialist, let me explain more about artificial grass temperatures in summer, below.

How hot will artificial grass get in the summer?

Artificial grass and the air directly above it can get warmer than a natural lawn. This is because the synthetic material has no cooling properties. However, the heat radiated on a fake lawn is not as hot compared to other landscaping materials in a garden, such as block paving, asphalt, decking or stone.

In fact, the warmth artificial grass gives off in the summer months is actually considered a good thing by many homeowners. This is because here in the UK, the weather is never so hot that the grass would heat up in a way you’d be unable to walk on it with bare feet, or touch it with your hand.

This is more of a problem in hotter climates, such as the Middle East.

TIP: Artificial grass should also be guaranteed as UV resistant, which means it won’t fade in the sun.

Although it isn’t usually a problem, there are very easy ways to cool your grass down. I’ve mentioned a few below.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

You shouldn’t worry about how much heat artificial grass will absorb in the summer. As artificial grass installers, we’ve never had any concerns or reports from customers finding their fake lawn too hot. Nor does it ever restrict them from using it.

Fake grass will cool off pretty quickly when there’s a bit of shade from clouds or the sun going down – or, if rinsed with a hose or sprinklers. You could even erect a canopy or gazebo, or suggest your children to wear footwear on your grass if their using it in the heat of the day.

When put against all the other benefits of fake grass, such as saving water in warm climates, no more mowing or fertilisers etc. the grass getting warm doesn’t become a big issue. In our climate, the grass will never get so hot that you cannot walk on it or touch it.

We regularly get told by customers that they love how the grass gets warm during sunny days. Their pets especially love it. They like to lie and bask on it during the summer months. We find this is a positive thing for customers, as our temperatures don’t get excessive.


Worried about how much heat artificial grass will absorb in the summer? Luckily, artificial grass should never get too hot to touch, especially in UK weather. This is more of a case in warmer climates such as the Middle East. However, there are some easily ways you can cool your fake lawn down, such as hosing it with water or sprinklers.

Got any other questions about how artificial grass fares in different weather? Just let me know in the comments’ section. I’ll be happy to help!

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