Artificial Grass for Roof Gardens & Balconies.

Are you wondering if artificial grass could brighten up your balcony?

If you think fake grass could breathe new life into your balcony by creating a unique and quirky space you and your guests can enjoy , you’ll probably have a lot of questions.

Many of the homeowners that come to us about installing artificial grass on their balcony are worried about things like whether the door to their balcony will still open okay (yes!), or whether it could blow away in bad weather (absolutely not!).

You may also be wondering how you can keep it clean and tidy.

As an artificial grass specialist, I’m going to explain more about how you can install artificial grass for your balcony, below.

How can artificial grass be installed on your balcony?

Typically, artificial grass can be cut to suit any shape or size of balcony. It can be an ideal solution to a larger space, or a really quirky way to refresh a small balcony so that you can still get a sense of the outdoors if you don’t have a garden of your own.

The first thing before an installation is to speak to an artificial grass specialist, who can conduct an on-site survey and talk you through all your options. This will involve showing you samples of different grass, and giving you a good idea of costs – when visiting your home.

Most balcony installations will involve the inclusion of a special shock pad layer. This is something we tend to include because of the hard surface underneath. It means you’ll have a nice, pleasant, soft area that’s perfect for children to play on. 

The best shock pad layer for balconies is 10mm thick – although it’s not suitable for every balcony. If, for instance, the extra layer won’t fit under your door, I’d instead recommend fitting a nice, soft artificial grass.

TIP: Curious about the average cost for installing fake grass on balconies? With shock pad layer included, it’s usually around £45 – 55 + VAT per square metre. This is slightly less than a typical artificial grass installation.

How can you maintain artificial grass on a balcony?

Artificial grass installed on a balcony doesn’t require a huge amount of maintenance. It’s easy to pick up and get rid of any leaves or debris (you’ll find this particularly common around autumn!). Alternatively, you can also vacuum it up – high quality artificial grass will be tightly stitched together, and shouldn’t pull out when using a vacuum cleaner!

Any spillages or stains can easily be cleaned up with a little bit of soapy water on a cloth.

However, because it won’t drain like a standard installation, it’s not a good idea to let pets urinate on it. Especially if you have a shock pad layer installed, this can start to smell.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

Does artificial grass for your balcony sound like a good idea? If so, I’d recommend get in touch with an artificial grass specialist or installer who should be able to advise you further. Ask them if they can install a shock pad layer, and whether you can see actual samples of the grass itself. They should also be able to show you previous examples of their work.

If a shock pad layer isn’t possible (perhaps due to not enough space under your door), try to choose nice, soft grass. It’s also important to ask about how your artificial grass will be fixed to the balcony. You should check it will be secured with glue.

We recently installed fake grass over decking boards on a customer’s balcony. Luckily, the balcony door allowed for a shock pad layer, so we installed the shock pad then our super soft grass. This was ideal for our customer who wanted to use it for their grandchildren to play on.

The result? A lovely, soft surface that would be much safer and more fun to play on than decking boards. Plus, our customer can now enjoy their unique, quirky balcony whenever they like!


Thanks for reading. I hope this blog has given you a better idea of what to expect when installing artificial grass for your balcony. Remember to seek out an artificial grass specialist or installer who can help talk you through your options and show you previous examples of work they’ve done on balconies.