Are you concerned about an artificial grass drainage solution affecting your neighbour’s garden?

When investing in any sort of drainage solution, it’s understandable that you want to be cautious. After all, paying for a new drainage solution and then having to rip it all up again because of the neighbours would be a disaster!

However, as an experienced artificial grass installer, let me reassure you that you won’t have to worry. Unlike drainage systems that use pipes and soakaways, artificial grass is usually installed in a way that means your drainage solution won’t affect your neighbours.

Let me explain why, below.

Why artificial grass won’t affect your neighbour’s garden

If you’re installing artificial grass mainly as a drainage solution, this should help set your mind at rest. In my opinion, it’s actually the most effective drainage solution out there – and we’ve installed many different systems in gardens over the years.

This is because it involves a full excavation of the existing surface, before installing a fully porous system on top of the soil sub-base. There’s no need to use drainage pipes or soakaways, unless your drainage is extremely severe and requires a separate system.

Saying that, we’ve never had to install a separate drainage system in over 8 years – since we started installing artificial grass!

TIP: Check out our blog to find out more about why artificial grass is so effective at solving garden drainage problems.

What if you need a separate drainage system?

Like I said above, it’s very rare to require a drainage system (such as French drains) underneath your artificial grass drainage solution. However, if your drainage issues are very severe, it could warrant a separate system. (We’ve actually written a blog post on this very subject)

If, upon inspection by a reputable landscaper, you find you do need a separate drainage solution, they should always ensure they have an adequate area for the water to drain properly. This should hopefully ensure no damage will be caused to your neighbour’s garden.

However, it’s not impossible for some companies to install drainage pipes incorrectly. Some less responsible companies can install drainage pipes and leave them pointed towards a neighbour’s garden, which would mean all the water would drain away from your garden and into theirs.

That’s why it’s always important to thoroughly do your research before choosing the right professional landscaper for the job. And if they have customer reviews or testimonials to back it up? Even better!


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful, and I hope I’ve helped set your mind at ease. Remember, it’s very rare to require a separate drainage solution for your garden, as in our experience, artificial grass installed with a fully porous sub-base should be enough to combat most drainage issues.

This is because most installers will dig down to the right level and install the necessary amount of drainage layers for your garden. However, you should always do a background check on a company, and ask to see testimonials/examples of their work first!

Do you have any questions about installing an artificial grass drainage solution in your garden? Leave a comment below, and I’ll definitely reply!


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