Are you thinking about investing in artificial grass, but are worried your dog might destroy it?

We don’t blame you – after all, artificial grass can be quite an investment. However, the good news is that you shouldn’t have to worry about your dog ruining your new grass.

This is because artificial grass technology has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. In fact, in over eight years of installing artificial grass on properties, we’ve never once had to return because a dog has destroyed one of our lawns.

As an experienced artificial lawn installer, I’m going to tell you more about why your new artificial lawn can’t be destroyed by your dog.

What makes artificial grass practically dog-proof?

With advancements in manufacturing over recent years, artificial grass is now extremely durable. It gets put through rigorous strength testing to exceed British standards. This ensures the blades of grass cannot be pulled out of the weave, so your dog won’t be able to destroy or eat it. It can also withstand heavy footfall.

dog on artificial grass

Of course, we would never claim that artificial grass is invincible, but it is very hard-wearing and completely pet-friendly. Due to its synthetic materials, dogs won’t want to dig it up. It also effectively drains away any water and dries quickly, so you won’t be left with muddy or wet patches. Muddy paws will be a thing of the past!

Finally, artificial grass won’t stain from your dog’s urine or faeces, and as long as you clean up after your pet, and hose the area down with water afterwards, it won’t smell. So, no more stains and patchy grass!

TIP: Artificial grass also doesn’t require any harmful chemicals to keep it looking and smelling good!

How to check your artificial grass will be durable

Although most good quality artificial grass products should be completely pet-friendly, not all artificial grass is manufactured the same way. Its durability can also depend a lot on how it’s installed.

You should check the following to ensure your artificial grass will last and will not be destroyed by your dog:

  • Stitch rate – In other words, how many stitches there are in a square meter of grass. You should look for artificial grass with a high stitch rate.
  • The gauge – This is the distance between the lines of stitching. If the distance is too wide, the grass does not look as good. The combination of the gauge and stitch rate is what gives the density of the grass; the higher the density, the better the quality.
  • Strong backing – The backing of your artificial grass should consist of woven fabric. A good, strong backing is important for stability, as it needs to be resilient in all weather conditions.
  • Sub-base – In terms of your installation, you should always ensure the correct sub-based is used (crushed rock aggregate base).
  • Invisible joins – Check that your joins will not be visible. Most good installers will join two pieces of grass using a strong durable joining tape, this will give a professional, seamless finish and ensure that your grass wont come apart.

Advice from a professional installer

As well as checking the above, you should choose a reputable installer that can offer you a good guarantee on your new artificial grass. Our Easigrass guarantee covers UV stability (no fading) and tensile strength (so it can withstand heavy footfall), along with our workmanship. Unfortunately it won’t cover damage caused by pets.

For example, we fitted artificial grass recently for a customer whose lawn was plagued with yellow stains and muddy patches from their dogs. Unfortunately the damage was irreversible, but they were apprehensive about investing in a new artificial lawn if it would only get damaged again. We were able to explain how this should never happen.

Now, we regularly maintain their lawn, and after three years it still looks as good as it was when it was first installed. Their two dogs love lying on it in the sun, and play on it all year round.

If possible, ask to see examples of your chosen installer’s work (either in photos or in real-life) so you can have a better idea of what to expect from your installation. It might also help to read online reviews and testimonials from customers who also have pets.


I hope I’ve managed to go some way towards easing your mind about the possibility of your artificial lawn being destroyed by your dog. In over eight years of installing artificial grass on customers’ properties, we’ve never once experienced this issue.

However, you should choose your installer carefully, and ensure that a) the artificial grass is of high quality and durable enough to withstand your dog and b) the installation process involves installing the right sub-base and invisible joins. Most reputable installers should also be able to offer you a guarantee for your grass and installation.

Want to know more about durable artificial grass that can withstand even the most unruly of pets? Leave a question in the comments’, and I’ll reply ASAP!


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  • I have a Doberman, he sometimes scratches or scrats the lawn with his back legs. Would a synthetic lawn be tough enough

    • Hi Malcolm,

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      Dogs like to scratch and dig up real lawns due to the mud being underneath but with an artificial lawn this isn’t an issue due to the fact it has very different properties from natural grass. Our artificial grass is extremely durable, and strength-tested to British standards.

      In fact, dogs actually seem to love the soft, springy feel of artificial grass, and enjoy being able to play on it regardless of the weather.


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