Thinking of investing in artificial grass, but worried about how secure it’ll be?

Most homeowners ask us this question, for three main reasons. They’re often worried about:

  1. Their grass blowing up in the wind, especially if they live in an open area where gusts could catch it
  2. People stealing it from their garden (which can happen if not installed correctly)
  3. Their grass causing a hazard for pets and children (for example, children tripping, or pets eating/pulling the grass up at the corners)

The good news is that you shouldn’t have to be concerned about any of the above. As an experienced artificial grass installer serving central Scotland for over 8 years now, let me tell you why.

How is artificial grass fixed to the ground?

Good, high quality artificial grass (such as Easigrass, the brand we sell) is usually a floating system. It’s held down by the weight of the grass and the sand infill, making it far too heavy to blow away, or for anyone to steal.

The grass is designed this way so it can have natural movement for contracting and expanding. However, if you’re particularly worried, it can be held down with galvanised steel pins. These go far into the ground, so dogs and children can’t see them or dig them up.

It can also be fixed to timber edging. All of these options make for good peace of mind if you do foresee the slight chance of any issues (although it’s incredibly unlikely).

TIP: Timber edging can also be used if your artificial grass is to be installed on a slope, for extra security.

Depending on your layout, your artificial grass may also have invisible joins. If done correctly, these shouldn’t cause any tripping hazards, and you shouldn’t even be aware of them. However, it is important that an experienced artificial grass specialist carries these out, as if installed incorrectly, it could affect your grass’s lifespan and may even make your garden unsafe.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

If you’re really worried about your artificial grass not being fixed to your garden securely, don’t be. There are different options and methods available that will ensure your grass installation looks its best, even if you need it to be fixed to the ground.

Just make sure you sit down with your chosen installer so they can talk you through which methods might suit you, and ensure they are able to carry out an installation you can be confident with.

I’d say most reputable installers should fix artificial grass to the ground using one of the above methods. Unfortunately, we’ve seen various bad installs carried out where the grass has been fixed incorrectly. We’ve even had to rectify jobs where the grass has been joined together with tent pegs, making the grass all pull apart.

Online reviews and customer testimonials should help set your mind at ease. However, if you can, you should also take the time to speak with them and get a feel for how they work. They should also be happy to listen to you and answer any questions you have.


If you’re worried about your artificial grass blowing away in the wind, don’t be. There are a number of methods artificial grass specialists can use to ensure this can never happen, and the sand infill alone should make it too heavy to steal, or move around in bad weather.

If you’re particularly worried about pets, or children, you can even opt for galvanised steel pins that go deep into the grass to hold it down securely – or a timber border.

Do you have any other questions about the way artificial grass is fixed to the ground? Let me know in the comments section. I’m always happy to help!

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