Are you thinking about investing in artificial grass in the hope that it can help save you money in the long-term?

Sometimes, an upfront investment can be the wisest move if you’re looking to save money over time. Perhaps you don’t want to spend money on gardeners and are unable to regularly maintain your garden yourself – for any number of reasons.

Or maybe you’re having to deal with costly drainage issues that have led to a patchy, muddy lawn you’re unable to use. You might be finding yourself spending money on products in order to try and save your grass.

Luckily, there is another way! As an artificial grass specialist, I’m going to tell you how fake grass could help you save money in the long-term.

How an artificial lawn could save you both time and money

Whether your garden’s a patchy, muddy mess, or you just don’t have time to spend on regular maintenance, an artificial lawn could be the answer. It can completely eliminate drainage issues, and look great all year round – no products required!

And you won’t have to find yourself paying for someone to mow it, or trying to get out with the lawnmower in your free time! So, if you want a nice, dry, usable lawn that you can make the most of at any time of the year, fake grass could be the answer.

All it requires is a regular brush to tidy it up, and the removal of any wet leaves and debris. This helps to ensure they won’t lie on the grass and cause weeds and moss to grow. Pet mess can also easily be picked up and a quick rinse through of the lawn is required. Just like a natural lawn!

High quality artificial grass should typically last you between 15 – 20 years, which is plenty of time to enjoy the garden of your dreams!

TIP: Want a better idea of how much fake grass costs? Check out our recent blog: ‘How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?’ for more information.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

Fake grass may be an upfront investment. However, when compared with the money spent maintaining a natural lawn – especially when there are drainage issues or not enough sunlight to help it grow – then it can be much more cost effective in the long-run.

Imagine not having to buy fertilisers, or having to pay landscape gardeners to help fix or repair it. You may also be unable, for whatever reason, to carry out regular maintenance yourself such as mowing – which is something you’d also not have to worry about with fake grass.

We deal with many customers who can be wary about the initial cost. However, once we’ve explained the benefits and the time/money it will save, customers realise that it’s a great choice in the long-run.

Depending on the size of your garden, there are also options to help you accommodate budget. For instance, it may not be necessary to get the full area covered in artificial grass. You could just select an area that you want for your children or pets to get full use out of all year.

You even could just have an area for your washing line, to avoid sinking into the grass when you need to put the washing out!


Wondering if an artificial lawn could save you money in the long-run? Well, if you’re regularly paying for maintenance or fighting a losing battle trying to keep your lawn looking good, it could be your best option. And if you’re often out spending time trying to save your grass, it could be the end to your stress!

Do you have any other questions about how cost-effective artificial grass is? Let me know in the comments. I promise to reply!

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