Artificial Grass for Gardens & Lawns

Are you thinking it might be time to invest in an artificial lawn?

Perhaps you’re sick of mowing and maintaining your natural grass, or encouraging it to grow – despite it looking constantly patchy. Maybe your pets are making the situation worse, leading to them having to stay inside.

Trying to keep your garden looking its best can be infuriating – and the chances are, it might not even be your fault. Your lawn may be suffering from bad drainage, or a lack of sunlight getting into your garden. Whatever the reason, it could be time to consider whether artificial grass is right for you.

That’s why, as an artificial grass specialist, I’m going to highlight 8 of the biggest reasons my customers come to me for help.

1. Your real lawn is refusing to grow

Regardless of how much effort you put in, some gardens just don’t have the right conditions for real grass to grow. Maybe it’s because there’s too much shade in your garden, blocking the sunlight from getting in. This can lead to a poorly looking lawn, when you long for one that’s luscious and green.

2. Your grass is constantly muddy

It’s no fun when your grass is wet for days. If you’re constantly having to avoid mud and puddles, it could be the last straw. And it usually means your garden has some pretty serious drainage issues. It can be a nightmare, especially if kids or pets are dragging mud through the house! Or even worse, you’re having to keep them inside.

Luckily, artificial grass is one of the best ways you can combat drainage issues in your garden.

3. You need a safe space for your kids to play

If you have decking on concrete, it’s not particularly ideal for children to play safely. Regardless of what you have at the moment, artificial grass can be installed with a special safety shock pad layer. This comes in three different thicknesses, and creates a safe space for kids to play, with a critical fall height of 2.6m.

It’s ideal for placing around play equipment, swings and trampolines!

4. You want your pets to use your lawn without ruining it

Pets can cause all sorts of havoc with natural grass. They dig it up, discolour it with urine, and trail mud through your house when it’s been raining. Trying to keep pets off your grass is hard, and you want to them be able to enjoy themselves outdoors (rather than keeping them in).

Luckily, fake grass can stop them from digging grass up, and it drains urine without staining! In fact, it’s completely pet-friendly.

5. You’re sick of the way your garden looks

Sometimes the one thing getting us down is the one thing we just can’t seem to fix. If you’ve tried your best with your garden, but are still fed up of it looking patchy, yellow or covered in puddles – or maybe you have a drab patio or decking – artificial grass can be one way to fix it. It ensures your lawn looks fabulous, luscious and green all year round.

6. You need a low-maintenance option

If you’re not able – for whatever reason – to keep up with the maintenance of your natural lawn, artificial grass could be the answer. It requires very little upkeep, whilst still looking brilliant and realistic despite the weather. Read more about how to maintain an artificial lawn in our recent blog.

7. Your lawn’s upkeep is becoming too costly

Finally, if you’re having to funnel money into the upkeep of your lawn, and it’s just not working, it could be time to bite the bullet and take definitive action. Replacing your lawn with realistic artificial grass may be an investment, but over time it can be very cost-effective.

8. Your allergies are getting worse

It can be awful when your real grass is causing you to sneeze and leaving you with itchy, red eyes. Fake grass can help you to enjoy your garden again, by removing the main source of the allergens. We’ve written a full blog about this with more information about how artificial grass can help with allergies.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

Whatever the reason, we advise seeking out an artificial grass installer or specialist. They can provide you with some free, impartial advice and listen to your concerns. They can also bring along samples so you can get an idea of how your lawn will look and feel once installed.

We’ve installed fake grass in many customers’ gardens where they’ve spent a lot of money trying to replace real turf, and hoping it’d lead to better results. They’ve also spent a lot trying to get their grass to grow, for various reasons (lack of sunlight being the main one).

Another big reason people come to us is because they’re tired of the constant mowing and upkeep required from real grass. Most people want to enjoy their garden and have busy lifestyles, so don’t want to spend quality time mowing their lawns. And we don’t blame them! Spending time with friends and family is far more important.

There are so many reasons why our customers decide to invest in a fake lawn they can enjoy all year round. Minimal maintenance is definitely a plus for everyone, though.