Are you wondering where good quality artificial grass is manufactured?

Maybe you’ve looked at a few different products online, and have noticed they’ve been manufactured in China, Holland, Belgium or even the UK. But, which is going to be best?

Well, it’s a very good question, and one I really want to answer in this article.

The main reason? Well, as an experienced artificial grass specialist, I have many customers who are concerned about buying good quality artificial grass. They want to know where the best quality fake grass comes from, and where they should avoid buying from (if anywhere).

So, without further ado, let me explain more below.

The best places to find good quality artificial grass

Fake grass is manufactured all over the world, so it can be confusing when looking for where to buy from.

Belgium, Holland and Spain are all well-known for manufacturing very high quality artificial grass. However, recently the UK has also started manufacturing high quality artificial turf.

I’d say Europe is still the most renowned for producing high quality grasses, whereas in the trade, China are more known to manufacture budget grasses that are much less realistic. That doesn’t mean that you won’t still find cheaper-looking grasses in the EU and UK.

The brand we currently sell is manufactured in Europe, however that’s not to say we’ll never sell grass that’s been manufactured right here in the UK. I’d say with Brexit, people are more concerned than ever about buying quality British products.

Advice from an artificial grass specialist

My advice will always be to choose from a European or UK manufacturer, and an artificial grass specialist who has a good background. They should be well-known for their quality products and installations. Check online reviews and testimonials to back it up, and ensure you’re comfortable having met them during a home visit where they can actually see the property first.

We had a customer who’d initially bought his fake grass online, and wanted us to fit it. We had to advise him that we only supply and fit our own product. Later, he asked for some advice, as he felt the grass he’d bought looked a bit fake. He also wanted us to provide him with a quote to supply and fit our own product, Easigrass.

He didn’t want his lawn looking unrealistic, so we came out and visited him. Upon showing him our product, he couldn’t believe the difference. Rather than looking overly green and fake, ours looked so realistic in comparison. The customer also advised his had been manufactured in China, and that he thought he’d got a good deal at the time.

Ordering fake grass online can be tricky. This is because it’s difficult to imagine what it’ll look like when fitted. Getting an artificial grass specialist in to fit your new lawn is the best and most cost-effective solution in the long-run. That way you know you’ll benefit from their experience and advice. You’ll also get a good guarantee, and you can do some background checks before committing.

Not to mention, you’ll also get to see the samples in real life, so you can pick which one you think looks the best for your garden.


I hope this blog has given you a better understanding of where to find good quality artificial grass. The EU and the UK are probably your best bet, however, that doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t be on the lookout for budget brands that look less realistic than others.

Always go to an artificial grass specialist who can show you their products in real life before you buy. After all, it’s a big investment and you’ll want to be 100% confident you’re going to be happy with your new lawn.

Do you have more specific questions about this topic? Drop me a comment below. I’d be more than happy to help!

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